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High Quality Fermentation products such as yeast, antimicrobials and non-antimicrobials are supported by experienced industry-leading scientists with amazing fermentation technical service capabilities;

 NEWS Ferm Solutions announces advancements made in latest trials towards commercialization goals of CCF-12, a new product under final development, soon to offer a unique one-stop fermentation solution for conversion, control and fermentation.

NEWS Naturyl trials continue to demonstrate "antibiotic-free" control of contaminants.  Naturyl is a 100% safe, non-toxic, all natural antimicrobial specifically developed through research on actual bacteria discovered within fuel ethanol facilities.

NEWS Ferm Solutions expands services offering rapid return on Starch and Sodium testing

Solutions Through Science

Fuel ethanol producing fermentations are driven by microbiological and biochemical processes. Microscopic yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) drive ethanol production while other "unwanted" microorganisms like bacteria (Lactobacillus species, for example) contaminate the fermentation mash and produce organic acids instead of ethanol. In addition, there are biochemical considerations such as those related to enzyme activity or the effects of environmental factors such as pH and temperature on yeast growth to name just a few. 

All of these influence fermentation and consequently the overall performance and yield of your ethanol production facility. Our dedicated staff of fermentation experts have extensive backgrounds in problem solving relative to the microbiology and biochemistry of fuel ethanol production. Industry experience with fermentation coupled with an in depth understanding of different biological systems make Ferm Solutions your best option for any fermentation-related issue.

Bacterial Contamination                                               

Bacteria can cause major problems at fuel ethanol plants. Although there are literally hundreds and possibly thousands of different contaminating microbes present in fermentation mash the ones that are most likely to contaminate or "infect" the mash are a subset of bacteria called lactic acid bacteria or LAB.  The reason LAB are of greatest concern over other present microbes is because most fermentation mashes used for fuel ethanol production provide an ideal growth environment for these problematic organisms. The same conditions that favor optimal yeast growth like pH, temperature, and nutrient profile support growth of these costly invaders.

To solve bacterial contamination problems we use an integrative approach combining rapid lab and technical support with the use of effective antibacterials such as our FermGuard and Naturyl (100% antibiotic free) product line that inhibit growth of almost all known bacterial contaminants of fuel ethanol fermentations. Our highly trained and reliable scientific staff can make recommendations on how to prevent and control bacterial contamination while at the same time avoiding occurrence of resistant bacteria. In addition to process changes and use of antimicrobials we are currently working on alternatives through research and development for bacterial control in fuel ethanol applications.


Yeast are integral to the fermentation process and performance of your ethanol plant. However they are often treated as chemical ingredients with little regard to their status as living organisms. Slight changes in pH, temperature, and levels of certain chemicals can drastically decrease yeast performance and ethanol yield. Thus, it is imperative to start with a vigorous yeast strain with high tolerance for adverse environmental factors like increased temperature, osmotic stress or ethanol concentration. 

Through careful selection supported by experimental data Ferm Solutions is proud to offer our FermPro yeast strains, specifically designed to handle the rigors of fermentation while producing higher to optimal ethanol  levels. FermPro are active dry yeast(s) (ADY) that has the versatility to ferment a wide variety of feedstocks and the consistency to always finish your fermenters  and eliminate fermentable sugars.   Our FermPro yeast strain(s) are proving to yield more ethanol in both shorter and longer fermentation cycles while lowering glycerol over other common industry yeast with low monthly averages of total residue sugars.  Find out how we designed our products to be an improvement over what's been the same for years in other products on the market... even though the industry fermentation process has dramatically changed.

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